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Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman
1979, London: Verso, 1980

w/ Thomas, Arthur E.
Teachers' Guide: Like It Is:
Arthur E. Thomas interviews leaders on Black America
New York: Central State University; E.P.Dutton,1981

All the Women are White, All the Blacks Are
Men, But Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women's Studies

Old Westbury, N.Y.: Feminist Press, 1982

Ed Bradley At Ease
November 1983

The Envelope (short story)
August 1983

September 1983

July 1983

Shari and Harry
August 1983

The Story Teller (short story)
December 1983

Alvin Ailey
April 1984

Beyond Black Macho: An Interview with Michele Wallace
Boorstein, Karen
Black American Literature Forum, Terre Haute, IN 1984 Winter 18:4

Baby Faith
v 16 n1 -2 July 1987

Sexism Is the Least of It
New York Times Book Review
March 15, 1987

Wilma Mankiller
January 1988

Invisibility Blues
Simonson, Ricke (ed.); Walker,Scott (ed.). Multi-Cultural Literacy.
St. Paul:
Graywolf, 1988.
Graywolf Annual 5

Michael Jackson, Black Modernisms,
and "The Ecstasy of Communication"

Global Television
New York: Cambridge,Mass.: Wedge Press;
MIT Press,1988

Who Dat Say Who Dat When I Say Who Dat?
Village Voice v 33 n 15 April 12,1988

Amerika: Tim Rollins+K.O.S.
New York:
Dia Art Foundation,1989
Tim Rollins+K.O.S.: The "Amerika" Series

Variations on Negation and the Heresy of Black Feminist
Creativity.(As Seen in Black Women Writers)

Heresies v. 6 no 4 1989

Invisibility Blues: Michele Wallace on Doing the
Real Thing.

(the Portrayal of Women in Do The Right Thing)
Artforum v. 28 (Oct.'89)

(Mississippi Burning-film review)
Artforum v.27 (Apr.'89)

(Bird-film review)
Artforum v.27 (Apr.'89)

The Cave:Michele Wallace on Invisibility Blues.
(Bird and Mississippi Burning)
Artforum v.27 (Apr.'89)

The Global Issue: A Symposium.
Art in America v.77 (July 89)

Invisibility Blues: From Pop to Theory
London; New York: Verso, 1990

Arts: Women Rap Back
v1 n3 Nov 1990

Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures
New York, NY: Cambridge, MA.:
New Museum of Contemporary Art;
MIT Press,1990
Modernism, Postmodernism and the
Problem of the Visual in Afro-American Culture

Defacing History.
Art in America.
Volume 78, Number 12
December 1990

The Blackman's Guide to Understanding
the Blackwoman-Shaharazad Ali
(book review)
Transition n. 51

If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em
Transition n. 51

Notes of a Hanging Judge: Essays
and Reviews 1979-1989-Stanley Crouch
(book review)
Transition n. 51

Out of Turn
on Lucy Lippard
Transition 52, 1991

Michele Wallace
Chicago, IL:
Video Data Bank, 1991
Michele Wallace interview

Multiculturalism and Oppositionality.(An Analysis of Three Contemporary Instances of Multicultural Programming and Artwork)
Afterimage v.19 (Oct.'91)

Village Voice v 36 n 43 Oct 22,1991

Beyond Assimilation
Village Voice v 36 n 38 Sep17,1991

Black Popular Culture (a project by Michele Wallace)
Bay Press, 1992
Boyz n the Hood and Jungle Fever

Whose Town? Questioning Community and Identity
Our Town
New York, N.Y: Aperture, 1992

Multiculturalism and Oppositionality
Organizing Artists: A Document and Directory of the
National Association of Artists' Organizations.
Washington, DC: National Association of Artists' Organizations, 1992

Crenshaw, Kimberle; Gabel, Peter; Patterson, Orlando;
Peller, Gary; Thomas, Kendall; Wallace, Michele;
Williams, Linda; Willis, Ellen
Roundtable: Sexuality in America after Thomas/Hill.
Volume 7, Number 1 January, 1992

The Cultural Studies Reader
London; New York:
Negative Images: Towards a Black Feminist Cultural Criticism

Race, Identity, and Representation in Education
New York:
Multiculturalism and Oppositionality

Race, Gender and Psychoanalysis in Forties Film: Lost Boundaries, Home of the Brave and The Quiet One
Diawara Manthia (ed.).
Black American Cinema. London:
Routledge, 1993.

Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective
Indiana University Press,1993
Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Problem of the
Visual in Afro-American Culture

Sixth Grade
America Street: A Multicultural Anthology of Stories
New York: Persea Books, 1993

Daedalus v 122, Winter 1993

Her Life At The Top.
New York Times Book Review.
v 142 January 31, 1993

Multiculturalism: A Critical Reader
Oxford, UK; Cambridge, USA:
Blackwell Publishers,1994
The Search For the "Good Enough" Mammy:
Multiculturalism, Popular Culture, and Psychoanalysis

A Fierce Flame. (on Marlon Riggs)
Village Voice.v 39 April 26, 1994

DeSalvo, Donna M. (Ed.)
Face Value: American Portraits
Southampton, N.Y. :Paris; New York:
Parrish Art Museum; Flammarion, 1995
The Gap Alternative

Constructing Masculinity
New York:
Masculinity in Black Popular Culture:
Could it Be That Political Correctness is the Problem?

Bronx Museum of the Arts.
Division of Labor: "Women's Work" In Contemporary Art
Bronx, New York: Bronx Museum, 1995
Feminism, Race, and the Division of Labor

Panther: The Hollywood Version of Black Power
Volume 5, Number 6 1995

Village Voice.
Volume 40, Number 35
August 29, 1995
Harlem on My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America,1900-1968 edited by Allon Schoener. (book review)

Let's Get Serious.
Village Voice. v40 n 44 Oct 31,1995

Signifying Nothing.
Village Voice. v 40 n 35 Aug 29,1995

Art For Whose Sake?-Art on My Mind: Visual Politics
by bell hooks
Women's Review of Books
v 13 n 1 Oct 1995

Blakely, Mary Kay; Mairs, Nancy; Wallace, Michele;
Sorrels, Rosalie; et al.
Engaging and Escaping
Women's Review of Books
v 12 n 10-11 July 1995

Africa, Art & Ancestors.
Village Voice. v 41 n 30 June 23,1996

Pictures Can Lie.
Village Voice. v41 n14 April 2,1996

For Whom The Bell Tolls.
Village Voice v 40 n 45 Nov 7,1996

The Fame Game.
Village Voice. v 41 n 10 Mar 5,1996

Memoirs of a Premature Bomb-Thrower.
Village Voice. v 41 n 7 Feb13,1996

When Dream Girls Grow Old.
Village Voice. v 41 n 5 Jan 30,1996

Miracle in East New York.
Village Voice. v 41 n1 Jan 2,1996

The Hottentot Venus
Village Voice v 41 n 21 May 21,1996

Street Strife
Village Voice v 41 n 22 May 28,1996

Out of Step with the Million Man March
Volume 6, Number 4 1996

Sexin' The Watermelon (on Cheryl Dunye's film, Watermelon Woman )

Village Voice v. 42 n 9 March 4, 1997

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