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This is a bibliographic and information site on the work of Manthia Diawara, chair of the Africana Studies Department at NYU.

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"For people of African descent, blackness is....a way of being human in the West or in areas under Western domination. It is a compelling performance against the logic of slavery and colonialism by people whose destinies have been inextricably linked to the advancement of the West, and who have therefore to learn the expressive techniques of modernity: writing, music, Christianity, and industrialization in order to become uncolonizable. They have to recuperate the category black from the pathological space reserved for it in the discourse of whiteness, and reinvest it with attributes valorized in modern humanism."

-Manthia Diawara (from "Englishness and Blackness: Cricket as Discourse on Colonialism" in CallalooVol. 13, No. 4 / Fall 1990) Click here to read the entire essay.

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