This page contains links that may be of interest, arranged in the order in which we found them, not by their ostensible significance.

(last updated: 11/17/97)
Black Visual Arts Links

Digital Diaspora
A groundbreaking site at the University of Westminster constructed by Marc Boothe, who organized the "40 Acres and a Microchip Conference."

Black Film Center and Archives
A resource for Black film history at Indiana University.

Anthony Cokes' NoidWeb Site
Anthony Cokes' internet installations.A site at the Brown University Center for Modern Culture and Media

Autograph: The Association of Black Photographers

Institute of International Visual Arts

Revue Noire: Contemporary African Art

Black Is, Black Ain't Page (Marlon Riggs)
A page on the late filmmaker's last film

Steve McQueen Page
biography and interview

Glenn Ligon
Broad Art Foundation
Unofficial Glenn Ligon Homepage
DN/A Site
New School Gallery

Carrie Mae Weems
Extensive Site at Rice University's Contemporary Art Museum

Syracuse University Artists-in-Residence Program

Howardena Pindell
A page on Pindell's Free, White and 21 work

INROADS/Africa Site
A site on the recent conference which brought together artists and scholars of the African diaspora.

Secrets & Whispers: Daughters of the Dust Page (Julie Dash)
A substantive graphical and textual site

MOTV (My Own TV) (a film by Ayoka Chenzira)A site at ITS (Independent Television Service)

Displaced Data Exhibition

An exhibition curated by Displaced Data Project.
Kenseth Armstead (X-PRZ), Art Jones, Roshini Kempadoo, Shaheen Merali, Keith Piper,Poulomi,Derek Richards, Alex Rivera, Surjit Simplay, Allan de Souza, Virtual Varrio, Reggie Woolery.

Reggie Woolery

Renee Cox

Thomas Allen Harris

Renee Green

Thing Net Site

Desk Site

Oberlin Site

ArtBag Site

Tractor Site

Keith Piper

Relocating the Remains, Excavating the Site at The Institute of International Visual Arts

V2 Organisation: Institute For Unstable Media

Roshini Kempadoo

Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, The Netherlands

Cooper Site

Northwestern University Site


Kara Walker

Proarte Site

Walker Art Center

Lyle Ashton Harris

xxx Fruit Site

Bio at LA County Museum of Art

Thresholds: Viewing Culture Webzine Vol. 9

Lorraine O'Grady

Lorna Simpson

Site at Goddard College(includes bio)

New School Gallery

ACT-UP New York Site

Mercer Union (Toronto)

Pat Ward Williams

ArteMedia Site 1

ArteMedia Site 2

African and Asian Visual Artists Archive (AAVAA)
(Sonia Boyce and David Bailey)

John Akomfrah (Revue Noire Site)

Black Audio Film Collective,London
(John Akomfrah, Lina Gopaul)

ITUTU Worldviews

Rotimi Fani Kayode

Revue Noire (African Contemporary Art) Site 1

Revue Noire (African Contemporary Art) Site 2

Works on AUTOGRAPH site

Zarina Bhimji

Artthing Site

David Hammons

Connexions Site

A Gathering of the Tribes

Getty/California Afro-American Museum Foundation

KunstNET site

Excerpt from Kellie Jones' Hammons interview at Tony Cokes' site

Piece on Hammons by Paul Sadowski on Oguibe's Site

Quicktime Movie at Atlantic Records (requires Quicktime)

African American Flag at New School Online Gallery

Olu Oguibe Page

Extensive site constructed by Oguibe, professor of art at University of Illinois at Chicago

Third World Newsreel

New site that will eventually include full catalog and quicktime clips from this venerable independent film and video distributor

Joy Gregory

Works at AUTOGRAPH site

Noorderlicht 1997 Photo Festival

South Africa National Gallery (one piece embedded in curatorial essay)

Yinka Shonibare

Site no. 1

Site no. 2

David Bailey

Works at AUTOGRAPH site

(many thanks to Tony Cokes for providing site suggestions)

Critical Theory/Cultural Studies/ Black Sites

Website of the CULTSTUD-L Mailing List
This is a very useful set of pages assembled by Gil Rodman
at the University Of South Florida. There are links to syllabi,
essays on the web, conference announcements and other valuable
Yale American Studies Web

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

W.E.B. DuBois Institute, Harvard University

Center for African-American Studies, University of Michigan

Art McGee's List of African Related Sites


Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center

Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University

A Post-Colonial Studies Site at Emory University

Universal Black Pages
a mammoth site assembled by Black graduate students at Georgia Tech


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