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Isaac Julien has been involved, over the past ten years, with forging a new language around black representation, both as filmmaker and cultural critic. His exemplary body of work is informed by critical thinking around representation while not being solely theory driven. Unimpeded by the avant-garde aesthetic which often denies pleasure, his films retain certain conventional narrative strategies which are shot through with diegetic effects that work to disrupt narrative telos. His critical writing engages questions of de-essentializing black and gay subjectivities. Suffice to say that when responding to a question put to him at a recent symposium regarding "what it is was like to work as a black, gay filmmaker,", Julien said that he "speaks from that positionality not for it".

We have assembled a working filmography and bibilography of Julien's work, and have also reproduced some stills from his most recent film, "Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask". These images are quite large, and thus may be slow to download, but the intention was to retain their clarity. Below, you will find links to the stills as well as the filmography/bibliography.






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