Who Killed Colin Roach?
writer/director/producer 1983

writer/director/producer 1984

The Passion of Remembrance (Channel 4 UK)
writer/director 1986

This is Not an AIDS Advertisment
writer/director 1987

Looking for Langston (Channel 4 UK)
writer/director 1989

Young Soul Rebels (BBC TV UK)
co-writer/director 1991

Black and White in Colour (BBC TV UK)
co-writer/director 1992

The Attendant (Channel 4 UK)
writer/director 1992

Darker Side of Black (BBC TV UK)
co-writer/director 1993

The Question of Equality (PBS US)
senior producer 1994

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask
(Normal Films)
co-writer/director 1995

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