(last updated: 3/19/97)

w /Kobena Mercer
Introduction - De Margin and De-Centre.
Fall 1988 v 29 n 4

Ruby B. Rich
Isaac Julien: Filmmaker (interview)
OUT-LOOK: National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly
v 1 n 3 Fall 1988

Ruby B. Rich
England, Bloody England (interview)
Village Voice
v 33 n 26 Jun 28, 1988

Male Order: Unwrapping Masculinity
Lawrence & Wishart, 1996 /1988
Race, Sexual Politics and Black Masculinity: A Dossier
w/Kobena Mercer

L. Jackson and J. Rasenberger
The Passion of Remembrance: An Interview with
Isaac Julien
Cineaste, v16 n 4 1988

Diary of a Young Soul Rebel
British Film Institute Publishing,1991
includes the screenplay of
Young Soul Rebels

States of Desire
bell hooks (interview w/ Julien)
Transition n. 53 v. 1 n. 3 1991

Screening Europe: Image and Identity in Contemporary European Cinema
British Film Institute Publishing. 1992
Filmmakers Panel : Felix De Rooy, Isaac Julien, Claire Denis,
Chantal Akerman, John Akomfrah

Black Popular Culture eds. Gina Dent and Michele Wallace.
Bay Press, Seattle, WA 1992
Dia Center's Discussions In Contemporary Culture (No. 8)

Black Is, Black Ain't" : Notes
on De-Essentializing Black Identities

Queer Questions.
Sight & Sound Sept. 1992

Confessions of a Snow Queen:
Notes on the Making of The Attendant
Cineaction! Fall 1993 n.32

Confessions of a Snow Queen:
Notes on the Making of The Attendant
The Critical Quarterly.
v 36 n 1 Spring 1994

w/ Jon Savage
Queering the Pitch: A Conversation.
The Critical Quarterly.
v 36 n 1 Spring 1994

Isaac Julien
(audio tape)
speech given at the
School of the
Art Institute of Chicago
, Visiting Artists Program. 1994

Long Live the Queen
Village Voice. v39, Apr 26, 1994
on Marlon Riggs

interview ith Isaac Julien
bell hooks: Critical Reflections
v 33 n 3 Nov 1994

Thelma Golden
Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in
Contemporary American Art
New York:
Whitney Museum of American Art,1994
True Confessions (w/Kobena Mercer)

Looking for Langston (still reproduction).
Art & Design v. 9 Sept./Oct. 1994

Identity and Diversity: Gender and the Experience
of Education: A Reader
Clevedon [England] ; Philadelphia: Multilingual Matters,
in association with the
Open University,1995
True Confessions: A Discourse on Images of Black
Male Sexuality w/Kobena Mercer

Speak My Name: Black Men on Masculinity
and the American Dream

Beacon Press,1995
Where We Live: A Conversation with Essex
Hemphill and Isaac Julien

Interview with Isaac Julien
by Bruce Morrow
Callaloo v 1, n 2 Spring 1995

Roy Grundmann
Black Nationhood and the Rest in the West
(an interview with Isaac Julien)
Cineaste, v21 Nos. 1-2 1995

Nolan, Abby
Double Dare (interview w/ Isaac Julien and Gregg Bordowitz)
Village Voice. v40, Jan 10, 1995

Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader
University of Chicago Press,1996
De Margin and De Center w/Kobena Mercer

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