Filmmaker Cheryl Dunye, who graduated with an MFA from Rutgers University, has been a video art practitioner for well over a decade, making such pieces as She Don't Fade, Vanilla Sex, The Potluck and the Passion, and Greetings from Africa. Her first full-length film, The Watermelon Woman., is finally circulating on a wider scale, after having traveled the festival circuit for nearly a year. Dunye's work displays her passion for uncovering the hidden histories and continuities of black lesbian life at the same working towards cinematic representations of black women that refute racist stereotypes and work to de-essentialize black lesbian identities. She has spoken of her interest in making a film on the lives of inarcerated black women (an area of political advocacy presently being pursued in Angela Davis's work on the punishment industry.) Below you will find links to a film/videography, bibliography, and an interview with Dunye conducted by the Black cultural studies web site collective.





last updated: 4/27/97

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