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(reproduced with the kind permission of
Prof. Baker)

Houston A. Baker, Jr.
Department of English
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6273


Male High School, Louisville, Kentucky.

B.A., Howard University, Washington, DC, 1965 (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa)

M.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1966.

One year of doctoral work, University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh, Scotland,1967-1968.

Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles 1968.


Instructor in English, Howard University, Summer, 1966.

Instructor in English, Yale University, 1968-1969.

Assistant Professor in English, appointed for four-year term, Yale University,1969-1970.

Associate Professor and Member of Center for Advanced Studies, the University of Virginia, 1970-1973.

Professor of English, University of Virginia, 1973-1974.

Director of Afro-American Studies Program and Professor of English, Universityof Pennsylvania, 1974-1977.

Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, 1977

Member of the Graduate Group in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory,University of Pennsylvania, 1979-1982, and 1988

Albert M. Greenfield Professor of Human Relations, University of Pennsylvania,1982

Director, Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture, University of Pennsylvania, 1987


Competitive Scholarship, Howard University, 1961-1965.

Phi Beta Kappa, Howard University, 1965.

Kappa Delta Pi, Howard University, 1965.

John Hay Whitney Foundation Fellow, 1965-1966.

NDEA Fellow, University of California at Los Angeles, 1965-1968.

Alfred Longueil Poetry Award, University of California at Los Angeles, 1966.

Legion of Honor, Chapel of the Four Chaplains (Philadelphia, Community ServiceAward), 1981.

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for DistinguishedTeaching (University of Pennsylvania), 1984.

Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement in Literature and the Humanities,Howard University, 1985.

Outstanding Alumnus Award of Howard University, Alumni Club of Greater Philadelphia,1985.

Distinguished Writer of the Year Award, Middle Atlantic Writers Association,1986.

Creative Scholarship Award, College Language Association of America for Afro-American Poetics, 1988.

Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Excellence in the Humanities, 1990.

Special Issue of Chung Wai (literary journal of Taiwan), devoted to the"Work of Houston A. Baker, Jr.," November, 1993.


Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behaviorial Sciences, 1977-1978.

John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 1978-1979.

Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), invited for 1980-1981. Declined.

Fellow, National Humanities Center, 1982-1983

Fellow, Rockefeller Research Fellowship Program for Minority Group Scholars,1982-1983.

Council of the Humanities (Princeton), Whitney J. Oates Short-term Fellow,1991-1992.

Honorary Doctorates

Doctorate of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, Berea College (Berea, Kentucky), 1988.

Litterarum Doctorem (honoris causa), Williams College, 1989.

Doctorate of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, Beaver College, 1990.

Doctoris Literarum, Ursinus College, 1990.

Doctor of Letters, State University of New York at Albany, 1991.

Doctorate of Humane Letters, Knox College, 1992.

Doctorate of Humane Letters, Marymount Manhattan College, 1993.

Doctorate of Humane Letters, The University of Louisville, 1994.

Visiting Professorships

National Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 1975-1976.

Distinguished Visiting Professor, "J. Saunders Redding Seminar in BlackWorld Literature," Cornell University, 1977.

Mellon Resident Scholar, Tougaloo College (February), 1980.

Visiting Professor of English, Haverford College, 1983-1985.

O'Connor Visiting Professor, Colgate University, 1991.

Bucknell Distinguished Scholar, The University of Vermont, 1992.

Berg Visiting Professor of English, New York University, 1994.

Distinguished Lectures Presented Annual Heberle Lecture, University of Michigan,1987.

First Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture, George Mason University, 1987.

The Messenger Lectures, Cornell University (Series of 6 devoted to Afro-AmericanWomen's Writing), 1988.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series, Purdue University (1992).

First Annual Addison Gayle Lectures, Baruch College, (1992).

The Fourth Annual Summers Memorial Lecture, The University of Toledo, (April,1993).

John Brown Russwurm Lecture Series, Bowdoin College (February, 1994).

J. Shannon-Clarke Lecture, Washington and Lee University (October, 1994).

First Annual Ralph Ellison Lecture, Tuskegee University (March, 1995).

Seminars, Conferences, and Lectureships Abroad

Delegate for United States Delegation of Five to First Conference on "Literatureand National Consciousness (Moscow, sponsored by ACLS-Soviet Academy ofSciences Commission on Humanities and Social Sciences, 1976-1978).

University of Ibadan, (Plenary Session Lecture, Nigeria, 1990).

Catholic University of Leuven (Conference Lecturer, Begium, 1991).

The Sorbonne (Paris, Vll). University of Edinburgh. Sussex University. Universityof West Indies. Universite de Montreal (Montreal, 1994).

Canadian Association of American Studies, (Plenary Session, Ottawa, 1994).

Biographical Listings

Who's Who in America, and others.

Professional Activities

Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly (1970-1974).

Modern Language Association Program Committee (1973-1975).

Modern Language Association Commission on Minority Groups and the Studyof Language and Literature (1976-1977).

College Language Association. First World Foundation (One of the foundingmembers of a group of Black American Scholars, artists, professionals, andbusinesspeople dedicated to the establishment of an alternative voice inAmerican arts and letters, 1976-1978)

African Literature Association (Original Steering Committee, 1973-1974).

American Literature Screening Committee, Fulbright-Hays (1973-1974).

Committee On Scholarly Worth, Howard University Press (1973-1977).

Association of African and African American Folklorists (1977-1980).

American Studies Association Council (1980-1982).

Modern Language Association Executive Council (1984-1987).

The English Institute, Board of Supervisors (1989-1991).

Modern Language Association, Second Vice-President (1990-1991).

Modern Language Association, First Vice-President (1991-1992).

Modern Language Association, President (1992).

Administrative Service

Yale University

Committee to Reorganize the Master of Arts in Teaching Degree; Faculty Coordinatorof Branford College/Hill House Program; Afro-American Studies Program OrganizingCommittee; Resident Fellow, Branford College; English Department Committeeto Revise Senior Comprehensive Examination; Hall Seminars Program OrganizingCommittee; Black Faculty Steering Committee for May Day, 1970.

University of Virginia

Afro-American Studies Program Advisory Committee; Advisor to Minority Pre-FreshmanSummer Programs; Steering Committee of Black Faculty and Graduate Students; Advisor and Consultant for the Consultative Resources Center of the Schoolof Education.

University of Pennsylvania

Chair, Conflict of Interest Committee of University Senate; Chair, UniversitySenate Committee to Assess University Investment Policy in South Africa;Chair, Affirmative Action Committee Convened by the Office of the Provost;Steering Committee for Afro-American Studies Program; Special Advisor tothe President and Provost (during tenures of Presidents Meyerson and Hackney);Member of Dean's, Provost, and Presidential Search Committees (includingthe Presidential Search Committee, 1993, that selected Dr. Judith Rodin);Black Presence Steering Committee; Advisory Board of the Christian Association;Advisory Board of the Women's Studies Program; Evaluation Committee on ResidentialLiving and Leaming Programs; Advisor to Tutoring Center and the LEAD Programin Business; Founder of the Afro-American Studies Program's Annual SpringSymposium Series; Elected to Serve as Chair of the English Department (1991),declined due to MLA Presidency and Directorship of the Center for the Studyof Black Literature and Culture; University Cost Containment Committee Appointedby President Judith Rodin.

Seminar Leaderships

Coordinator, English Institute Panel (English as A World Language for Literature),1979.

Director, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar for Teachers,(Afro-American Literature and the Anthropology of Art), 1981.

Director, National Endowment for the Hurnanities Summer Seminar for CollegeTeachers (Modemism and Afro-American Literature), 1985.

Coordinator, English Institute Panel (Modernism and Afro-American Literature),1985.

Seminar Director, School of Criticism and Theory, 1987.

Section Director, First Conference in Literary Theory and Criticism, NationalCouncil of Teachers of English, 1987.

The Oxford University Centre for African Studies Summer School (Instructorand Conference Organizer), 1989, 1990.

Seminar Director, The Pennsylvania State University (Multiculturalism inthe United States: Putting Theory Into Practice), 1993.

Seminar Director, The Pennsylvania State University (African American Voices:Language, Literature, and Criticism in Vernacular Theory and Pedagogy),1994.

Consultations and Evaluations

Evaluation Committee, Afro-American Studies Program, Vassar College (1975).

Evaluation Committee, English Department, Haverford College (1978).

PanelisConsultant, National Endowment for the Humanities (1978-).

National Consultant, Center for the Study of Southern Culture (1979-).

Advisory Boards

Advisory Board - Maji Magazine (1974-1976).

Advisory Board - Minority Voices (1977-1981).

Board of Editors, CIassic Afro-American Fiction: Texts in Periodicals, 1827-1919,
(A Cornell University Project), (1981-). (Now based at Harvard University).

Advisory Editor, Obsidian, (1981-).

Advisory Board, The American Novel (NEH Media Project from Learning in Focus,NY), (1983-1984).

Associate Editor, Black American Literature Forum, (1985-).

Co-editor, Studies in Black American Literature, (1984-).

Advisory Board, College English (1990-).

Advisory Board, Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities.

Advisory Board, Transition.

Advisory Board, The American Poetry Recovery Series (University of IllinoisPress).

Associate Editor, African American Review.

Advisory Board, Columbia Literary History of the United States.

Period Editor for "1960-1970" section of the Norton Anthologyof Atro-American Literature, General Editor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Board of Directorships

Beaver College (Glenside, Pennsylvania).

Florida Endowment Council on the Humanities (Council of Elders).

Grants Received

Minority Permanence Oversight Development Committee (permanent committee;responsible for the oversight of $35 million dollar endowment for Universityof Pennsylvania minority program Initiatives), (1987-).

Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellowship Program (co-author of original$200,000 grant, 1989).

Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture: Xerox Corporation,$60,000 (1987).

The William Penn Foundation, $396,300 (1987).

The Rockefeller Foundation, $219,100 (1988)

The Ford Foundation, $319,700 (1991).

The William Penn Foundation, $10,000 (1991).

Office of Cultural Affairs, Governor's Office, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,$10,000 (1991).

The Rockefeller Foundation, $156,500 (1992).

Publications: Books and Monographs

ed., Black Literature in America, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971. An anthologyof black American literature from folklore to the present.

Long Black Song: Essays in Black American Literature and Culture, Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1972; Paper edition from University Press of Virginia, 1990.

ed., Twentieth-Century Interpretations of Native Son, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1972.

Singers of Daybreak: Studies in Black American Literature, Washington: Howard University Press, 1974; Paper Edition from Howard University Press, 1983.

A Many-Colored Coat of Dreams: The Poetry of Countee Cullen, Detroit: BroadsidePress, 1974.

ed., Reading Black: Essays in the Criticism of African, Caribbean, and BlackAmerican Literature, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University (Africana Studies andResearch Center Monograph Series, no. 4), 1976.

co-ed., Renewal: A Volume of Black Poems, Philadelphia: Afro-American StudiesProgram, University of Pennsylvania, 1977. (with Charlotte Pierce-Baker)

ed., A Dark and Sudden Beauty: Two Essays in Black American Poetry by GeorgeKent and Stephen Henderson, Philadelphia: Afro-American Studies Program,University of Pennsylvania, 1977.

No Matter Where You Travel, You Still Be Black, (Poems) Detroit: Lotus Press,1979.

The Journey Back: Issues In Black Literature and Criticism, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980;Paper edition from University of Chicago Press, , 1983.

co-ed., English Literature: Opening Up the Canon, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1981. (with Leslie Fiedler)

Spirit Run, (Poems) Detroit: Lotus Press, 1982.

ed., Three American Literatures: Essays in Chicano, Native American, andAsian American Literature for Teachers of American Literature, New York:Modern Language Association of America, 1982; Paper edition from MLA, 1983.

ed., Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, NewYork: Penguin, 1982.

Blues, Ideology, and Afro-American Literature: A Vernacular Theory, Chicago:University of Chicago Press,1984; Paper edition from University of Chicago Press, 1986.

Blues Journeys Home, (Poems) Detroit: Lotus Press, 1985.

Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, Chicago: University of Chicago Press,, 1987; Paper edition, 1989.

Afro-American Poetics: Revisions of Harlem and the Black Aesthetic, Madison:University of Wisconsin Press, 1988.

co-ed., Afro-American Literary Study in the 1990s, Chicago:University of Chicago Press, 1989 Paper edition 1991. (With Patricia Redmond).

Workings of the Spirit: A Poetics of Afro-American Women's Writing, Chicago:University of Chicago Press, 1991;Paper edition, 1993.

Foreword, There Ain't No Black In the Union Jack, Paul Gilroy, Chicago:University of Chicago Press, 1991.

Black Studies, Rap, and the Academy, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.

Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader, co-editor with Manthia Diawara and Ruth Lindeborg. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Forthcoming.

Publications: Articles and Essays

"Engaged Literature and Jean Paul Sartre's The Files," The UCLA Graduate Journal, no. 1 (1967), pp. 13-23.

"A Decadent's Nature: The Poetry of Ernest Dawson," Victorian Poetry, Vl (1968), pp. 349-355.

"New Year's Eve at Yale," Liberator, lX (1969), pp.6-9.

"The Poet's Progress: Rossetti's The House of Life," Victorian Poetry, Vlil (1970), pp. 1-14.

"One Black College," Liberator, X (1970), pp. 14-16.

"The Environment as Enemy in a Black Autobiography: Manchild in the Promised Land," Phylon, XXXII (1971), pp. 53-59

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A View of William Melvin Kelley's dem," Obsidian, ll (1977), pp. 12-16.

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"Introduction" for "Presidential Forum: Multiculturalism:The Task of Literary Representation in the Twenty-First Century." In Profession 93, (New York: Modern Language Association, 1993) p. 5. (Forum was organized by Baker in conjunction with his presidency of the Modern Language Association and took place in December of 1992.)

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Publications: Reviews

"Some Late Victorian Attitudes" by David Daiches, Yale Review,LIX (1960), x, xi, xx.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Of Penn, drunken frat boys and water buffaloes,"(May, 1993), "Discovering America during the blizzard of '93,"(May, 1993), "It's time for rap to 'fight the power' of primetime media," (June, 1993), "Power brokers hype the black-Jewish confrontation,"(June, 1994), "Looking at the past with a critical eye," (October,1994).

Poetry Readings

University of Pennsylvania, Wabash College, William and Mary, Howard University(5th Black Writers Conference, 1983), Festival on the Eno (Durham, NC, 1983),Library of Congress (1986), Virginia Polytechnic Institution (1988), Nubian Bookstore (Louisville, Kentucky, 1988), University of Arizona (Tucson, 1991).

Published Poems

Ante, Yale Literary Magazine, Obsidian, Dear Dark Faces (anthology, Lotus Press), Black American Literature Forum, Southern Review, Callaloo, In Search of Color Everywhere.

Visiting Lectureships

Yale University, University of Wisconsin, Fisk University, Hampton Institute, New Mexico State Haverford College, University of Akron, Hollins College, Temple University, University of Rochester, Brown University, William and Mary, Morgan State University, University of the West Indies, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Riverside, Cornell University, Morehouse College, Washington and Jefferson University, Wayne State University, University of Arkansas, University of Kentucky, Norfolk State University, Duke University, Stanford University, Mellon Summer Institute (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1978, 1979), Princeton University, University of Colorado, University of New Mexico, Wabash College, Washington University, University of Caifornia at Los Angeles, Florida State University, Ohio University, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State, LeMoyne College, Spelman College, Louisiana State University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at Santa Barbara, Georgetown University, University of Virginia,University of West Virginia, University of Iowa, Howard University, Scripps College, University of Texas, Prairie View A&M University, Saint Joseph's University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartwick College, Villanova University, etc.

Dissertations Supervised

Professor Joyce Jonas,, "Anancy in the Great House," (1984); Published Greenwood Press (1990).

Professor Michael Awkward (University of Michigan), "A Circle of Sisters,"(1986). Published as Inspiriting Influences, Columbia University Press,(1989).

Professor Craig Smith (Universite de Montreal), "Utopia and Necessity:The Crises of Nationalism in African Literature," (1993).

Professor Ruth Lindeborg (Ohio State University), "Rushdie and the Politics of Postcolonial Representation," (1994).

Graduate Students (University of Pennsylvania)

Stephen Best, "The Race for Invention: Blackness and Technology in the Era of Lynching."

Michele Frank, "Violating Maternity: Contemporary African American Women Writers and Motherhood. "

Carla Willard, "Consuming Characters: The Performance of Audience,Women's Work, and the Dark Side of Progress in Magazine Culture, 1880-1910's."

(Second or Outside Reader for dissertations at: Yale University, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, University of West Indies; and others.)

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